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Custom search command accessing external database

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I'm developing custom search commands to access the Neo4j Aura SAAS graph database. I want this app to also be working on Splunk Cloud. 

The Neo4j Aura database can be reached by a single IP address and a single TCP port. All data over this port is fully encrypted and full certificates are used.

Questions I have:

- Can this be done at all? 
- What should be requested for a Splunk Cloud customer if they want this?
- Are there any things I have to watch for or need to know as a developer of this app( with the search commands ) related to TCP communication?

Background for the search commands. With these new search commands Splunk users can query content and context from the Neo4j graph database and use that within Splunk to correlate, analyze and report. One of the use cases will be to integrate CMDB like content and context into Splunk via 

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