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Adjustment of Suppression Time for P1 Splunk Alerts


Hi Team,

We have P1 Splunk alerts generated based on event ID: 12320 triggered from the following servers:

Recently, we identified that we have a 24-hour suppression time for the alert, which led to a critical incident. To address this issue, the user has requested a reduction in the suppression time for the alert.

The goal is to eliminate suppression unless the previous triggered alert is still open. If there are no open P1 tickets for event ID: 12320, there should not be any suppression of the generation of new tickets.

Current Alert Configuration
We have one alert in Splunk, and we are using the following query:

Splunk query:

index=winevent sourcetype="WinEvent:*" ((host="scwpxxxxx0001*" OR host="scwdxxxxx0008*" OR host="scwdxxxxx0009*" OR host="scwpxxxxx0002*") AND (EventCode=12320))
| eval assignment_group = "ABC IT - Computing Services"
| eval host=lower(mvindex(split(host,"."),0))
| eval correlation_id=strftime(_time,"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S").":".host
| eval short_description=case((host="scwpxxxxx0001" OR host="scwdxxxxx0008"),"Microsoft AAD Proxy Connector - Prod not able to connect due to network issues.",(host="scwdxxxxx0009" OR host="scwpxxxxx0002"),"Microsoft AAD Proxy Connector - Dev not able to connect due to network issues.", 1=1, 0 )
| eval category="Application", subcategory="Repair/Fix", contact_type="Event", state=4, ci=host, customer="no573", impact=1, urgency=1, description="Event Code ".EventCode." encountered on host ".host." at ".strftime(_time,"%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S %Z")." SourceName:".SourceName." Log Name: ".LogName." TaskCategory:".TaskCategory." Message=".Message." Ticket generated on SNOW at ".strftime(now(),"%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S %Z")
| table host, short_description, assignment_group, impact, urgency, category, subcategory, description, ci, correlation_id
Alert Type
Run on cron schedule: */30 * * * * (every 30 minutes)
Time Range
Last 4 hours
24 hours
Throttle Enabled
Suppress results containing field value: host, EventCode
Suppress triggering for: 24 hours
Trigger Actions
ServiceNow Incident Integration

How we can suppress the alert as per the requirement. Please help us here.

Thank you.

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Please help on that


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