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Is there a way to export list of users from Splunk and import them (along w/passwords)?

Once a user has been manually added to Splunk, can they be converted to a user using LDAP instead of "Splunk" authentication system?

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Check out this previously answered question:

On the LDAP question , you would have to manually setup that user in LDAP and setup your LDAP Group to Splunk role mappings.

Also bear this in mind (copy/paste from Splunk docs):

Usernames in Splunk's built-in authentication system always take precedence over the same usernames in LDAP. So, if you have converted from Splunk's built-in authentication system to LDAP, you might need to delete users from Splunk's built-in system to ensure that you're using LDAP credentials. This is only necessary if usernames are the same in both systems.
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