termsOfServiceDirectory which web.conf should this stanza be placed in, in a distributed environment. Using btool

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I need to make sure the AUP message pops up and is accepted anytime people log into the web interface on search heads. I have this working on a simple single server instance of Splunk. I need it to work on a distributed search head configuration. This is the process that works on single instances with user pw authentication only instead of the smart card authentication we use for our production environment.

  1. Create tos app

    Use web interface and go to manage apps
    Create app, not visible

    from cmd line
    vi ./splunk/etc/apps/tos/tos.conf

  2. Create the html file to hold the DoD Banner text

    vi ./splunk/etc/system/static/46.html

    Insert the banner text
    save using ZZ

    Check ownership and permissions

    chown splunk ./splunk/etc/system/static/46.html
    chgrp splunk ./splunk/etc/system/static/46.html
    chmod 444 ./splunk/etc/system/static/46.html
  3. Edit web.conf with vi to point to location of DoD html file

    vi ./splunk/etc/system/local/web.conf

    insert the following stanza:

    # Warning and Acceptance Banner
    termsOfServiceDirectory = /opt/splunk/etc/system/static/

    save using ZZ
    check ownership and permissions

    chown splunk ./splunk/etc/system/local/web.conf
    chgrp splunk ./splunk/etc/system/local/web.conf
    chmod 600 ./splunk/etc/system/local/web.conf
  4. Restart Splunk

    stop splunk
    cd ./splunk/bin/
    ./splunk stop


    restart splunk

    ./splunk start

  5. Log on through web interface to verify success

using btool
./splunk btool web list --debug

I see tons of entries and many web.conf paths that are in the ./splunk/etc/app/...... which one is the relevant one in a distributed system? I tried the ./splunk/etc/system/default. It killed our smart card authentication and did not pop up a banner.

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Hey there, my inbox blew up this morning with all the comments. Thank you. I will try them out this evening when I am back online with work.

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Put it in the local directory of your tos app here:


This is also where your tos.conf file should go.


This isn't quite right. While the tos app's local directory should be used to house the web.conf and it's termsOfServiceDirectory pointer, and possibly the html file for that terms of service page, the tos.conf file is located under the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/user context, containing the date of the tos acknowledgement for the individual.
There isn't a traditional tos.conf spec or documentation page, so while it is a .conf file, it doesn't operate in the traditional manner.

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I Agree with you.

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Part of the problem I see is that you're not creating the tos app correctly. .conf files need to go into a local/ or default/ directory and there's no need to create a tos.conf.

On a Search Head Cluster Deployer:

mkdir -p etc/shcluster/apps/tos/{default,metadata}
cd etc/shcluster/apps/tos/default

On a single instance:

mkdir -p etc/apps/tos/{default,metadata}
cd etc/apps/tos/default

Create web.conf (yes, you can and should create this file in the tos app. No need to go mucking about in etc/system/local/)

vim web.conf

Add the following two lines

termsOfServiceDirectory = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/tos/default

Create 1.html (also in the tos/default/ directory)

vim 1.html

1.html example contents:

<p>These are the terms of service.</p>

Then restart Splunk. If you're on a SHC, initiate a rolling restart. After the restart completes, you will see the TOS after logging in.

I have tested this on a 7.3.4 SHC with SSO/SAML and a single instance with normal Splunk authentication.


You can add an app.conf to the default/ directory to trigger a restart for you, as well:

is_configured = 1

is_visible = 0
label = TOS

author = Me!
description = Terms of Service
version = 1.0

reload.web = simple

But keep in mind that this will cause a restart for every change to web.conf rather than the default behaviour of hitting a REST endpoint that silently applies the change.


This solution also lets you filter the results from btool

% splunk btool web list --debug | grep 'tos/'
/opt/splunk/etc/apps/tos/default/web.conf                         [settings]
/opt/splunk/etc/apps/tos/default/web.conf                         termsOfServiceDirectory = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/tos/default

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I am working on seeing if I am allowed to post the btool output. We need to sanitize it due to our security posture here.

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