remote web access does not work, why??

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Installed splunk to Windows Server 2008 R2 VM, changed admin password, configured server.conf to always allow remote login, set httpport to 80, saved everything, did all the requisite reboots and http://servername still does not work, why??

Double-checked DNS, ran netstat -an on splunk server, is listening on port 80...running Enterprise Trial version, will later convert to Free.

Web access works properly ON the splunk server, I need it to work properly from other servers/computers etc.

Thank you, Tom

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Alright, you can start the GUI (and hopefully login as well) ON the splunk server itself - that's good and it means it's more like a connection or a config issue!

  1. Did you run splunk with the default-settings (eg. Port 8000) first as well? Did it work?
  2. Do you connect to the server itself by console login, or are you doing a "proper" login by ip?
  3. doesn't look nice! Has the splunk server a proper ip address? Is it pingable from the other servers?
  4. Is there a firewall between your splunk and the other servers? Please check that out!
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