pass through authentication to custom command


how can one pass through the credentials of the currently logged in user to a back end.
example: use a connector to a directory and bind using the dn and password of the logged in user (we authenticate and authorize to the same directory but not using kerberos as it is not an AD)
another example: use a connector to jira and user username and password to log into jira
essentially ensuring that the user does not see more in the target system then when logged in directly. Often it makes sense to see more and hide behind reports and forms but often it would be more straightforward to pass through authentication.

Is there a way to do this? Use the current users credentials?

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Hi dominiquevocat,

you should have a look at this blog post, in Step 10 @starcher is using a this:

Our alert script inherits the path to the search results from the arguments,
and it uses the session ID which is keyed to the alert script user account
to make a REST API call back into Splunk to request the saved
credentials we want via my Python class

maybe you could use this as example and adapt it to your needs?

cheers, MuS

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Just found another answer which could be helpful:

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