how do i delete LDAP users permanently from splunk users list

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My splunk app is configured with LDAP authentication method and there is a bunch of users who left and they need to delete from splunk. How do i delete permanently. The users do not have any ownership of any apps and searches.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I think this topic in the Splunk documentation should help you with your problem:

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Hi, I have Tried this. Deleted the some user's folder under /SPLUNNK_HOME/etc/users but still I can see them on the splunkd.log and users list on the dashboard.

The users which i am deleting are do not have any saved searches and objects. They are deleted from my LDAP group as well. Why Splunk is attempting to contact those users and showing them on list?



Hi @splunkgk, were you able to resolve this issue?

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