Why splunkweb starts on Windows after restarting the indexers, despite defining startwebserver = 0?

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I have explicitly defined startwebserver = 0 in an app,

C:/Program Files/Splunk/bin>splunk cmd btool web list --debug | grep startwebserver

C:/Program Files/Splunk/etc/slave-apps/all_indexers/default/web.conf
   startwebserver = 0

As you can see, it is prioritized correctly and nothing appears to be overwriting it.

However, if I restart the indexers, the web service comes up.

Note this is a Windows installation.

Anybody got any ideas what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance

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You should put it in a local folder, for example

C:/Program Files/Splunk/etc/slave-apps/all_indexers/local/web.conf

To avoid overriding issues, and as a best practice you should never put you custom configurations in the default folder


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