We don't have administrator access - help

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We are using Splunk Enterprise as a service in Cloud Foundry platform.
But we don't have the admin access due to which we are not able to share dashboards with users since the option "edit permissions" is not visible and also perform other admin specific operations.
Please let us know the procedure to obtain the Administrator privilege.

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The minimum role that allows this capability is power and I am pretty sure that the capability that is required to share is embed_report. Ask to be upgraded to power or be given this capability and you should be OK.

Does your user have write permissions for the app that should own the dashboard (Search and Reporting, etc.)?

Dashboards are shared in the context of the app they are part of. You can share a dashboard with the other users who have permission to see that app. See Configure dashboard permissions in the Dashboards and Visualizations manual:

So check the dashboard's permissions (you can do this from the dashboards tab). Ensure that the group you are trying to share with is enabled with at least read permissions. You will want to display the permissions for App in the edit permissions window. You need write to be able to change permissions.

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