Using AWS HTTPS ELB with EC2 Splunk Web on HTTP port 8000


We have an AWS configuration where the splunk server is running on an EC2 instance within a VPC. splunkweb is using HTTP. To prove that we can access splunkweb, we have an ELB entry that listens on HTTP port 80 and redirects to splunk on HTTP port 8000. This works fine.

Now what we want to do is to make the ELB listen on HTTPS port 443 and redirect to splunk on HTTP port 8000, i.e.
    User Browser <- SSL -> AWS ELB <- HTTP -> Splunk Web

Basically let AWS ELB handle the SSL from the outside, and within the VPC, splunk will continue to use HTTP to save the extra crypto effort. However this doesn't work.

Is there a recommended way to achieve this?


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