Unable to assign permissions to a Field Extraction for all Splunk Users


Hi All,

I receive the following error when assigning full permissions to field extractions that I created in splunk.

Splunk could not update permissions for resource data/props/extractions [HTTP 500] Splunkd internal error; [{'text': "\n In handler 'props-extract': Data could not be written: /nobody/search/props/netscreen:firewall/EXTRACT-user: by\s(?[^\/]+)", 'code': None, 'type': 'ERROR'}]

Please advise.

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One of the user faced same problem and he followed following steps to solve this issue

1) You probably copied the file as user root but Splunk is running as a lesser-priviliged user (e.g. splunk) which does not have permission to write to the file. You nee to do a chown to match the user running splunk or chmod to allow others to write to the file.
2) gave full control of $Splunk_home to the Everyone user group. (Shotgun approach)
3) On the web interface, on the save screen for the field extraction, he clicked the All Apps button on the Permissions row, (Owner had been selected by default). This showed a table of users with columns for name, read permissions, and write permissions. There was a line for the user group Everyone, I checked the Write Permissions box, and I was able to save.

let me know if this helps you!

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