Tag permissions: Anyway to batch update permissions?

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Have a bunch of private tags and want to make them public, anyway to do that with a batch job? Basically just take all the private ones and make them public, without having to edit them one by one. Probably a really simple question but its escaping my primitive brain at this point. Thanks in advance.


@billford: I agree. That is hardly an acceptable answer.

A colleague of mine just tagged about 200+ servers only to realize that they're all permissioned just to his ID, and that the only way to move them via the GUI is to manually do each tag/host pair one by one.

What Splunk really needs is a way to batch permissions for every type of object, not just tags.

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The answer I got from support was to basically script the changes in tags.conf which is fine but not sure that's optimal.

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I'd like an answer to this as well, I have a large number of hosts tagged and for every change I make as admin, I have to manually re-grant permission to users, otherwise the fixed searches I've given them doesn't work.

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