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Hi Splunkers,

we are using clustered enviornment, we having 3 SH .We have notified by infra team that one of our searchheads certficate is expiring on this month. this is cert.pem under $splunk_home/etc/auth/splunkweb.We have to create the Splunkweb selefsigned certificate for the same. we will follow the below steps provided in doc:
we also have to change the web.conf file , as per below document it says in case of deployment manger we have to change the path of certificate over there:

My Question is :
1:As we are changing the web.conf file in deployer , it will applicable for all 3 SH, so we have to create self-signed certs in all 3 SH ?
1. what is our approach for Splunkweb certs in case of Clustered enviornmant .

please help !!


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Hello @rohitvjoshi

The best approach to create cert in Splunk is mentioned below :

    1. Go to $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\auth\splunkweb
    2. Rename cert.pem to cert.pem_backup
    3. Restart the splunk using command ./splunk restart
    4. After restart you will be able to see a new cert.pem file.
    5. Check the expiry date of Certificate now using command: $SPLUNK_HOME\bin\openssl x509 -enddate -noout -in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/auth/splunkweb/cert.pem
    6. The expiry date will be extended.

Do this one by one for all the SH servers if you want to update it for all the SH, but it is not required till the time they are coming near expiry date.

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Thanks for your answer, this approach is worked for cert.pem but to renew the certificates in under splunkweb , we have to create the self-signed certificates(SplunkWebPrivateKey & SplunkWebCertificate.pem) and change the certificate path in web.conf.
Configure Splunk Web to use the key and certificate files:
-In $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/web.conf, make the following changes to the [settings] stanza:
enableSplunkWebSSL = true
privKeyPath =

serverCert =

Rohit Joshi

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