Splunk indexing while the license expireed

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My Splunk license is expired ang getting renewed. IN the meantime should I be able to add data to splunk and get it indexed?

What I know is after license expiary only the searching capability will be restricted.

I was trying to upload the sample file from the Splunk to do a test for Add Data but it gives me a message "Unable to process the file". This is the file. But whwn i upload a new file it just previews it perfectly. So it means there should be any connection with the license expiry. Does it mean Splunk can not process zip files? if so why the given as the illustrator.
Please see below link.

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There should be no limitation on adding new data while you are in license violation. However, there could be something about doing via the upload process (as opposed to tailing a file/directory) that is causing an issue here. Of course, I would recommend trying the same file on an install that is not locked out. You could spin up a trial copy just to see if it makes a difference.

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Yes i did a trial install and tried the same from Splunk. It threw me the same error.
I am just wondering whats wrong. Tried with the debug but still no luck.
If i do a plain text file then i can upload no issues. Issue is with the zip files.

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