Splunk MINT: How to set a user identification string (userIdentifier) after initializing Splunk?

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I'm initializing and starting MINT in the app delegate. I want to use a user identification string that they will enter on the first launch of the app. I will not have this string until after they enter it in. It is saved to the database, so on future app launches I can get this product key in the app delegate, but not the first time the app delegate launches (on the first ever app launch).

My question is, if the userIdentifier has to be set before the init, how should I go about initializing Splunk on this first app launch, and setting the userIdentifier after the fact? Can I simply reinitialize Splunk once I have the userIdentifier?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For the issue "can't set the userIdentifier after initialization. Don't have the data until after the first run." We'd recommend using some sort of default value, like 'first_time_run' to set the userIdentifier when you don't know it. On subsequent runs, you can place the correct value.  This way, you can capture all the data for the first time run and set the correct value on subsequent runs.

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