Splunk Dashboard to show fields based on the user role



Currently I'm developing a html dashboard which every users can view it.
But in the drilldown of the dashboard, a set of fields will be displayed as table.
I want to show the value of particular field only to certain users and for other users the field should be hidden/shown without any values.

How can i achieve this in HTML dashboard?

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You can put your custom field filter into "search time restrictions" on the Roles. Go to Settings-> Access controls » Roles -> YOur Role for each user -> Search Restrictions -> Restrict search terms"

Or create some lookup with following details user roles and required fields. Use the lookup in youe search.

you can retrieve the logged in user details by using this query,

| rest /services/authentication/current-context splunk_server=local  | table username,realname,roles

Check this post

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