Splunk Connect for k8S - HTTPS problem



I am trying to configure Splunk Connect for Kubernetes to capture a k8s cluster application logs.

I have problems when configuring https connection to HEC.

On the Heavy Forwarder, I have configured a ServerCert, which has been signed by our Company Authority.

Then, on Splunk Connect for Kubernetes Helm, if I configure https :






      # host is required and should be provided by user
      # token is required and should be provided by user
      token: MY-HEC-TOKEN
      # protocol has two options: "http" and "https", default is "https"
      # For self signed certificate leave this field blank
      protocol: https






When deploying, I see the following logs on Heavy Forwarder : 






01-25-2022 09:37:16.729 +0100 WARN  SSLCommon [1235867 HttpInputServerDataThread] - Received fatal SSL3 alert. ssl_state='SSLv3 read client key exchange A', alert_description='unknown CA'.
01-25-2022 09:37:16.729 +0100 WARN  HttpListener [1235867 HttpInputServerDataThread] - Socket error from while idling: error:14094418:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert unknown ca - please check the output of the `openssl verify` command for the certificates involved; note that if certificate verification is enabled (requireClientCert or sslVerifyServerCert set to "true"), the CA certificate and the server certificate should not have the same Common Name.







I have to configure insecureSSL: true to get the connection working and see logs on Indexer.

But, If I activate HTTPS connection, I do not want it to be insecure ^^.


I am a bit confused about Splunk Connect 4 Kubernetes configuration.

Can I use : 






  # Configurations for HEC (HTTP Event Collector)
    # The PEM-format CA certificate file.
    # NOTE: The content of the file itself should be used here, not the file path.
    #       The file will be stored as a secret in kubernetes.






To configure ma Company CA ?


Or are keys clientCert, clientKey and CaFile only used for mTLS configuration ?


Thank you in advance for your answers.




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