Setting tag permissions

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I've taken 30 minutes from my day to avoid spending over an hour modifying tag permissions, and have had no luck.

I know you can edit tags.conf directly - unless, like us, you're on Splunk cloud. Our admin says that he's asked, and Splunk won't make the edit for us, citing security concerns...? Bottom line, the admin says, is that we have to do them manually.

Are you guys not embarrassed yet? I'm seeing requests for changes to this process that date from 2011. Your clients have been asking for this for at least SIX YEARS.

Why would you not a) add a means of setting permissions when you create the tag, or b) provide a bulk update option (i.e., the same column that's available on two of the three tag interfaces on the UI)? Is it really that hard?

I am aware of the presence of the Tagger app, and am now trying to work out how to use REST to update the tags in question - but at the end of the day, this particular part of Splunk does not serve its users well at all. Can someone please invest a little time and just add the permissions column to the 'List by tag name' view?

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