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Hi all ,

We are using a clustered environment. We have the SSL certificate enable, which default shipped by Splunk. They are expiring this month.

I checked the web.conf file — over there SSL is enabled, but no certificate path is mentioned. It looks like below, as SSL is enabled but no path is mentioned. Which certificate is it taking ??


enableSplunkWebSSL = 1

As per documents, we should have a stanza like below under web.conf.

Turn on SSL:

enableSplunkWebSSL = true

absolute paths may be used here.

privKeyPath = /home/user/certs/myprivatekey.pem
serverCert = /home/user/certs/mycacert.pem

Does Above stanza we have to write when we generate the self signed certificate ?

Rohit Joshi

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You can answer this question using btool. On the box, run this command

./bin/splunk btool web list --debug

in the output that appears, look for the fields you are wondering about.

Hope this helps!

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