REST API Modular input "EOF occured in violation of protocol"

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I have the REST API Modular Input APP on a Universal Forwarder configured to consume (make rest calls) to management/health endpoints on rabbit queues. However I get this error turning up in the splunkd.log file whenever the app attempts to contact the endpoint:

Exception performing request: [Errno 8] _ssl.c:490: EOF occurred in violation of protocol

inputs.conf ssl section:

serverCert = <path to my trust store>

Was working fine on HTTP but then stopped working on HTTPS

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That error message and the SSL stanza have absolutely nothing to do with the REST Mod Input.

What are you actually trying to accomplish? Guessing here , but are you trying to setup client certificate based authentication for a HTTPs request using the REST Mod Input ?

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Ok I have it sorted. I had to implement this :

class MyAdapter(HTTPAdapter):
    def init_poolmanager(self, connections, maxsize, block=False):
        self.poolmanager = PoolManager(num_pools=connections,

        s = requests.Session()
        s.mount('https://', MyAdapter())

in and then use the session object to make the request.

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