Password field for Modular Input using Python SDK

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Hi All,

I'm trying to write a python app that requires a username and a password. I've written most of it up using the Python SDK and now that I'm getting into the nitty gritty, I want to encrypt and hide the password value for security purposes.

I've used the above URL as a guide, but when I did a search on password fields, I found this article instead.

In the second link, it creates a password field using the XML scheme, but I can't find an equivalent for the python code.

I took a look in the (I'm not at my devel pc at the moment) splunklib/modularinput folder and I believe in the arguments module, there is only templates for string, number and float, eg datatypenumber, datatypestring, etc.

Is there a way I can code this in Python in a way Splunk will understand or will I need to change my scheme to incorporate the xml?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Password field for Modular Input using Python SDK


You need to create a custom Splunk manager page for your modular input to hide the password and add a password confirmation field.

When you create an element for your password field, use type="password". Make sure that you only set this for 'edit' and 'create' views, not 'list', so the password isn't displayed when the modular input is listed.

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