LDAP Group Query Issue - Groups containing a Period

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Trying to update my authentication.conf files on my deployment server to allow me to map roles to AD groups that we have in our environment. It seems however that when doing a query not groups are returned if that group contains a period in it.
i.e. (fictional group BTW)
Group: IT.Ops.Unix

Here's my group filter (because we have a TON of groups)

groupBaseFilter = (|(cn=sra)(cn=IT.Ops*))*

I get the AD groups that begin with 'sra' with no issue but get no groups that match 'IT.Ops'. I have also tried just using 'IT*' as my filter but also did not receive any of the groups that contain a period. Not sure what the limitation is here. Any help would be appreciated.

Another note: I'm not greatly familiar with our AD environment but pretty sure all of our groups are stored in the same OU.

Note2: After talking with an internal resource it seems I may be pointing to an incorrect AD environment on my end. Will update this question if that turns out to be the case.


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I was able to determine that the issue was a result of misconfiguration issued to me from my AD team. It was not allowing me to see the groups I needed. I can confirm that LDAP groups containing a '.' can be imported and used within Splunk.

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