Is there a recent change in Splunk that caused the proxy settings in server.conf to change?

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I was wondering if there was a recent change in Splunk that caused the proxy settings in server.conf to change.

We've recently installed a fresh version of Splunk 7.0.2, and we noticed a large amount of proxy requests for the localhost of the Splunk box over the internal Splunk port of 8089.

Looking through the docs;, it says that the no_proxy configuration is set to localhost and by default.

Looking through the default server.conf on our installation I don't see the no_proxy setting set.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with their Splunk installation?

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After setting the no_proxy setting in server.conf Splunk looks like it's still attempting to use the proxy to connect to localhost.

Looking in the documentation it has the addresses wrapped in double quotes, is that needed for the no_proxy setting?

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