How to work around "Error resolving: Temporary failure in name resolution" when I click on "Browse More Apps" in Splunk 6.5.0?

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Just installed 6.5 on a Linux platform (centos). When I "Browse More Apps" I am greeted with the error:

Error resolving: Temporary failure in name resolution

This may have something to do with the proxy I am sitting behind, of which I have no control over. But I am writing to ask if there is anything I can apply to the Splunk configuration to work around this error and browse the available applications.

Thank you

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Hi Jawid

The first thing you can check the system(where you installed the Splunk enterprise) in your case in centos machine should have the internet access, browse google and check if it's working the browse apps also should work. if it's not working fix your internet issue, browse apps require the internet access.

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Hi Jawid,

Try editing the following file and see if that helps. Also, check your '/etc/resolv.conf' to be sure it is pointing at the DNS you intended

#Add proxy settings as needed, then restart the splunk server
#This one is for a proxy with no authentication
#Use the one below for a proxy with authentication
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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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