How to troubleshoot why user Session Timeout is not working?

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Hi Splunkers,

We are having trouble with the Session timeout. Sometimes some users close their RDP sessions without closing their navigator (with Splunk interface open on it) and when they come back tomorrow morning, they always find their Splunk session open.

Anyone had this kind of problem before? if yes, how did you fix it?

Thank you for your helps.


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Doesn't sound like a problem to me 🙂 What behaviour are you expecting?

Check the sessionTimeout in server.conf and the various timeout settings in web.conf to see if they are what you expect.

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thank you for your answer jplumsdaine22.
Now when we close our RDP session without closing splunk interface, the timeout doesn't work, it doesn't close our Splunk session. i expect that the it works 🙂

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