How to solve Splunk app for infrastructure script error?

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Hi team,

I have a problem in the functioning of splunk application for infrastructure, when I launch the script under the command line of my host (ubunto 16) I always find this error :

Failed to install libcurl package. exiting


Script : export SPLUNK_URL=X.X.X.X && export HEC_PORT=8088 && export RECEIVER_PORT=9997 && export INSTALL_LOCATION=/opt/ && export HEC_TOKEN=eb8d0b7d-1a8c-4ba2-8997-107acf610cf7 && export SAI_ENABLE_DOCKER= && export DIMENSIONS= METRIC_TYPES=cpu,uptime,df,disk,interface,load,memory,processmon METRIC_OPTS=cpu.by_cpu LOG_SOURCES=/etc/collectd/collectd.log%collectd,\$SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/*.log*%uf,/var/log/syslog%syslog,/var/log/daemon.log%syslog,/var/log/auth.log%syslog AUTHENTICATED_INSTALL=Yes && wget --no-check-certificate && tar -xzf unix-agent.tgz || gunzip -c unix-agent.tgz | tar xvf - && cd unix-agent && bash && bash && cd .. && rm -rf unix-agent && rm -rf unix-agent.tgz

Any help please ?

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Hi @aalaa,

just in case, you didn't figured it out yet. Most likely is the problem, that your language of ubuntu is not set to english. The installer script checks, if the lib is installed and fails, if there is no "installed" in the output. So switch your os language to english and it should work.

All the best

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