How to restrict user to create new Alerts

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Hi Experts,

I create one app for monitoring purpose, in this app I am showing stats and feature of different application.
For search purpose I also added "search" in the navigation menu.
For that app I created different user for watch and monitor. But in the search menu the user have options to save the search as a Alert and forward the events to the mail box using Send Mail in alert.
How I restrict user to create new Alerts, what is the right way to create role and capabilities with different functionality?


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@arunkantsharma ,

schedule_search is the capability which enables the user to save search as alert.

    Lets the user schedule saved searches, create and update alerts, and review triggered alert information.

So if you do not want to give schedule_search permissions, create a separate role, add only the required permissions and assign the role to the user.

Refer Table of Splunk platform capabilities for more details about splunk roles & capabilities

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