How to make a custom command shared between all Apps?

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Hi fellow Splunkers,

I'm wondering is someone can tell me how to share a custom command stored within a custom App globally? We have a custom script that takes input, processes it and returns data. I've tried a few things in order to make the command shared globally since we need to run this command within various apps. I get the following error regardless of what we add to the commands or meta files: "Search Factory: Unknown search command scriptNameHere" (restarted the service after every change). The App permissions are set to global which I thought would make the command work within any other app, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Here is what I tried adding to my default.meta. Within my commands.conf file I have 4 custom scripts, I'd like to either make them all global or define the specific command we need to work in all other apps.

access = read : [ * ], write : [ admin ]
export = system

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi splunker1981,

If I create a custom command in a TA, I add this to the metadata/default.meta

access = read : [ * ], write : [ admin ]
export = system

and it worked all the times so far.

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS