How to enable higher permissions only in a dashboard?

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There's a bit of blurb so this makes sense. I work in a call centre and have higher permission level than the people. I want to have access and view this dashboard that I've made. The dashboard shows stats for whoever is logged into Splunk and is viewing it.

The problem is, the people I want to use it to be able to view their stats don't have the same permissions; if they did, they'd be able to see their colleagues' stats, and it'd cause friction If someone was performing better than someone else.

What I want to know is is there a way to have the searches bypass role-permissions? The search would Just pull the required data and show it rather than it relying on what their access level is? As the data isn't sensitive to the individual user, as they'd only be able to access their own stats but changing their permissions isn't feasible.


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