How to disable login page while using scripted authentication

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Currently, our system make use of scripted authentication to access splunk content. However it will show the login page if session is time out. The page will allow user to input splunk user and password. But we don't want to provide this login page for users. How to disable this page in latest splunk version(6.2.0+)?
BTW, we just customized the login.html file in earlier splunk version. It doesn't work anymore in splunk 6.2.0.

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I hacked Splunk SSO to always login a user (using the "splunk" username) when they go to :8989 using the following Apache config.

Listen 8989
<VirtualHost *:8989>
      Allow from all
   <LocationMatch "/">
      Header add REMOTE_USER "splunk"
      RequestHeader set REMOTE_USER "splunk"

Then in Settings > Server Settings > General Settings I set the "SSO Trusted IP" to