How to disable SSLv3 on port 443 (TCP)

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I've got a vulnerability scan showing that SSLv3 is enabled on port 8090 on our Splunk 7.1.1   indexer.  In my server.conf file we don't have these lines below: 

sslVersions = *,-ssl2,-ssl3
cipherSuite = TLSv1.2:!eNULL:!aNULL

Is it ok to add them manually to disable  SSLv3 on port 443 (TCP)?



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not port 8090

port 443

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You can add ciphersuite and sslversion manually.

whats your idea behind it? 
what would you like to enable if you disable ssl3?
would you like to enable tls?
first you mentioned your Vulnerability scan found sslv3 is enabled on 8090.

again you mentioned end of your question that you would like to disable on 443?



If this helps, give a like below.

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Exactly, İ would you like to enable tls.

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