How to configure exceptions to proxy config in splunk-launch.conf?

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to support several external lookups to internet services with APIs I added a proxy configuration to splunk-launch.conf:

Now I have an external lookup to an API on my internal network which should connect directly but not via the proxy.
Forwarding the connection from the proxy to the internal network is not possible, so I need a solution on the Splunk Search Head.

Is it somehow possible to configure exceptions which should not go via the proxy configured in splunk-launch.conf?

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I couldn't get it to work with wild cards or CIDR notation, but I did get it to work with the following:

no_proxy = fqdn.localdomain,, localhost,, ::1

The key is no quotes, and IPs/FQDNs fully spelled out.


I’ve seen the same behavior. Wildcards don’t appear to work, but lists do.


Something like this:

NO_PROXY = *,,localhost,,::1

You can set this either in your environment variables or in splunk-launch.conf. Either will work.

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yes, there is a "no_proxy" setting, however the syntax is unclear... I'm also trying to find this out.

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