How to change credentials stored in passwords.conf?

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Firstly, I created a setup.xml following the link:

I am able to save credentials through setup.xml to apps local/passwords.conf file..

password = $1$EncryptionPwd

Now, the issue is how to change the admin password if the entered password is wrong or it expires after a certain number of days. Customer is not happy with the solution of deleting that particular entry from passwords.conf file and adding again.

I got to know there is method setEntity to change password like getEntity (retrieves credentials).. but not getting how exactly to use that through setup.xml.
Pls help..

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Hi Savitha & Alex,

I went through your comments .

It is recommended to store passwords in your splunk app as encrypted. Splunk provides a REST endpoint for securely storing credentials. More information is here:

a. Follow the steps and secure your app in the Splunk way. It could also get decrypted password from Splunk using getEntities and appropriate calls.
b. Once you save the credentials from the setup page of your app, you will find an encrypted password in passwords.conf file .
c. Please refer to this link for code samples

If my answer solve your question, spare a moment to accept the answer and vote for it . Thanks.

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In some work I'm doing at the moment I've hit exactly the same stumbling block - would like to use the app-setup to set credentials as explained in the docs but want to be able to ensure I can update them within the UI. Seems quite a big limitation! Did you find any alternative?

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