How to add new user with SAML authentication method?



We have configured splunk cloud ADFS account, on ADFS account we have configured group admin and added all relevant email id's.

At Splunk side under Access and controls, we have formed one new SAML group, admin. Then we mapped admin role with the newly formed SAML group, admin.

All users are enabled for SAML SSO authentication, as they are able to use it.

Now, we are trying to add new user xyz with admin role, the role which is already mapped with the SAML group.

But at the time of adding new user, it is asking to set pass word for the user, which should be ideally not asked as we are configuring ADFS SAML SSO.

After, creating new user and mapping it with admin role, which in turn already mapped with the SAML group. Still newly formed user's authentication is reflecting as a splunk and not as SAML.

User is not abole to login to splunk.

Please suggest, how to add new user in order to map with the SAML authentication method.


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