How to add a new Active Directory group to an existing LDAP strategy?


We recently created a new group in Active Directory to support a new set of users we want to have access to splunk with specific capabilities. We have an existing LDAP strategy with a handful of groups currently in use. We have created this new group in AD, but I don't see any way to add this new group to the existing LDAP strategy when I click "Map Groups". I tried adding it to the configuration file on the server, but I'm not seeing it populate in the UI. Is the only way of incorporating this new group to create a whole new LDAP strategy?

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You don't add groups per se.

The LDAP strategy defines the search path in the LDAP heirachy from which Splunk will search for groups.
If you add a new group to AD, as long as that group is in your Strategy's search path, the group will appear in your mapping options to allow you to assign a role to it.

Since your posting this question, I presume you have added the group to AD, but cant see it in Splunk?
If so - try adding the group into the same OU as your existing Splunk groups, or redefine your strategy to search wider in your domain.

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Why not just add it to the authentication.conf/authorization.conf directly? Once you add it to the existing strategy, just go back to the UI and reload the auth.


This worked for me. I only had to changed the authentication.conf file. The path to this file is $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\system\local

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