How do I get the update checker to work behind a proxy?

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Splunk is running behind a webserver proxy.

Splunk has the following config in web.conf:

root_endpoint = /splunk

The prroxy passes on all requests from /splunk to http://localhost:8000/splunk/

When the updates checking page is done checking, the url at the top of the browser shows: https://foo.kom/splunken-US/account/login?return_to=/splunk/en-US/

But the "Continue" button will always point to https://foo.kom/ instead of https://foo.kom/spunk/en-US/

How do I get continue to send me to the correct URL?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is a bug and there is no way to workaround it. A programmatic fix will be delivered in a 4.1.x maintenance release. Look for SPL-30779 in the Change Log section of the Release Notes

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