How can I automatically rotate Splunk local passwords?



I've been asked to automatically rotate the local passwords on Splunk every week. It can be predictable. Like HelloP@ssword1June1st goes to HelloP@ssword1June8th. But just needs to rotate to meet the auditors requirement.

Any idea how I would tackle that?

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I think that you should create a shell that saves the rotate number and changes the password with the Splunk command.

splunk edit user admin -password newPassowrd  -auth admin:changeme 

However, embedding the password in the shell is problematic in terms of security, so you have to consider how to keep it.

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hey @daniel333

I can tell you a workaround I may be wrong but you can try this:

1) change the password using CLI
2) write a bash script and schedule a crontab to run every week

I hope that helps you!

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