How can I allow users to change permissions of all objects within an app?

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I want to create a system where my users can manage an app self-service. I am having trouble finding a way to allow a particular role to edit permissions for objects that they do not own.

I have one app - "APP - XYZ"

I have two roles:
- User Splunk XYZ - gives read only access to app XYZ
- Editor Splunk XYZ - gives read and write access to app XYZ, has embed_report capability.

User 1 - Has User Splunk XYZ
Can make a dashboards in APP - XYZ but not make it public

User 2 - Has both Editor and User roles.
User 2 can make dashboards in APP - XYZ and change permissions of their own dashboards
User 2 cannot change permissions of User 1's dashboards inside APP - XYZ

Is there a way to allow the Editor role the permissions to change all objects within APP - XYZ?

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This looks good:

By default, only the Power and Admin roles can set permissions for knowledge objects. Follow these steps to give another role the ability to set knowledge object permissions.  - -
- create a separate app for the LOS[you already have it];
- needs a role associated [your editor role]    
-open permissions in the app with structs in the URL above for your editor role
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