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I am using Graylog (winlogbeats) to forward windows events to a Linux based UF. I have a props.conf on my indexer and SH to set field alias since Graylog forwards fields with a winlogbeats preface. I have 2 questions:

  1. if I want to whitelist\blacklist on the UF would I look for the fields with windlogbeats?
    so instead of this: blacklist1 = EventCode="4662" Message="Object Type:\s+(?!groupPolicyContainer)"
    would I replace it with this: blacklist1 = Winlogbeat_EventCode="4662" Message="Object Type:\s+(?!groupPolicyContainer)"

  2. should I or should I not put the props.conf on the linux UF?
    it looks like this:
    TIME_FORMAT=%Y-%b-%d %H:%M:%S
    TZ = UTC
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_host = winlogbeat_fields_collector_node_id as host
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_eventid = winlogbeat_event_id as EventCode
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_processname = winlogbeat_event_data_ProcessName as Process_Name
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_logonid = winlogbeat_event_data_SubjectLogonId as Logon_ID
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_user = winlogbeat_user_data_SubjectDomainName as user
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_src_user = winlogbeat_user_data_subjectDomainName as src_user
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_action = winlogbeat_keywords as action
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_security_id = winlogbeat_user_data_SubjectUserSid as Security_ID
    FIELDALIAS-winlogbeat_as_account_domain = winlogbeat_user_data_SubjectDomainName as account_domain


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