Getting obscure error message: Splunk could not update permissions for resource admn/win-event-log collections Splunkd internal error

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New to splunk, testing things out but I've hit a wall...

I'm trying to do remote windows event log collection on a W2K3 SP2 box. It seems to be working fine and I'm picking up events and can do searches for things like account logon events, login failures, and such. No problem there. However those events are not showing up in the Windows Management application (nothing is showing up under System Management for any of the snapshot reports like "The Most Frequent Logons" or "Failed Logins by Host" or Failed Windows UPdates by Host", etc., etc...).

I assumed this was a problem with the permissions so I go to splunk>Manager>Data inputs >> Event log collections, select "Permissions" for the computer I am monitoring. Then I select "All apps" under the "Object should appear in" option. For kicks, I just give Everyone Read and Write, then hit Save. Splunk keeps coming back with "Splunk could not update permissions for resource admn/win-event-log collections Splunkd internal error".

I checked splunkd.log and observed corresponding entries for when I tried to save the new permissions; the entry is: "ERROR AdminManager - : This handler claims to support this action (4), but has not implemented it."

I'm getting the same thing even for localhost log event collection. I'd be very happy if anyone has an idea about this! Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, i don't have an answer, but I do have the exact same error. My logs say the same as yours, also.

Windows 2008 R2 Server, Splunk version 4.1.4, build 82143

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