Do we need to take Splunk exams every time I want to renew our current Splunk certs?



I've gotten User, Power User, and Enterprise Admin with the new post-August 2018 exam setup. When I need to renew my certs in two years (probably just Ent Admin if I don't get another one), will I need to take the exam again? Or are there CPEs and a fee to pay to renew the certs?

If we're all required to take the exam(s) again, now I understand why the exams are so cheap relative to other certifications.

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As it stands today, most certs expire after 2/3 years.

Time will tell, (as the handbook is not totally clear) but I would anticipate that it would just be the exam to be resit at that time - you only have to resit the highest exam you already hold, (or the next one up) to preserve all your previous qualifications.

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