Distribute User-Settings between Clusters


Hello fellow Splunkers,

I'm currently trying to test user authentication via splunk-web.
I've learned that users who get added to a search-head-cluster-member automatically get replicated onto all sh-cluster-members.
I think I have to manually add users, if needed, to the search-head-deployer/indexer-cluster-master.

What I don't know is... if I have to add users, if needed, to a indexer-cluster manually on every node. Or if it's like the sh-cluster.

Someone out there who knows how to do it the right way?

Thanks in advance!
Best Regards,

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The User configurations will get replicated on search head clusters if you are using Splunk 6.4 and above. If you are using version prior to 6.4, you need to do this configurations manully on all search head nodes.

For Indexers, you need to configure user manually on each node.


Thank you very much hardikjsheth!

Is one of the admins able to convert his reply to an answer, so I can accept it?

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@pyro_wood Done!

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