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Is there by chance a way to set Splunk in a "Developer Mode" so all changes you make in the UI happen at the default folder instead of the user/local folder?

A bit of an annoying step when doing development to have to go copy them out when it's time to build the deployment version of an app.


If you don't mind working with the raw config files (instead of editing in the Splunk GUI), you can edit the default files directly (using a notepad-like editor) by opening them in WinSCP. I just make my changes there and refresh the Splunk UI on another screen to see the changes in action.

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I do work, for my clients, on my local machine. Development locally and then I build them an SPL for deployment. When doing this I then have to go through the etc/apps/[app]/local as well as the user/admin/[app]/local and merge/copy. A developer version specifically made for this purpose would be a big help in supporting the 3rd party development community.

Would be nice if I had some control over if my browser can remember my login information on such a system as well... my development machine already has a password on it.

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What do you mean by "deployment version"? If you're using the deployment server, the "local" version is preferred as that way we ensure that the settings we write are actually applied vs. any defaults that might already be established.

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Upvoted! I would get a lot out of this myself.

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You could automate by writing a build script that merges your local conf files into default when building the release version of your app.

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