Configure Licence master as slave?


Hello! I have a kind of strange question to ask. I'm working for a client who has it's own environment, with several SHs, IDXs, HFs, and more than 800 UFs. All those components are connecting with the environment's LM.

Now here is the thing, my client's company is owned by another larger global company, with their own environment and Licence master of their own. so, we have 2 different environments located in different continents, there are no WAN oR LAN connectivity between the components, but the idea is to connect our environment with their licence master. In order to achieve that, we will set up connectivity over a secure URL, which will allow us to connect to their environment.

Buut, in order to achieve this, we well have to point every SH,HF,IDX,DS in our environment to their URL. And here is my question:
is there a way to configure our Licence master to still be THE environment's Licence Master, but a the same time being a slave to another Licence master?

We think this will be the better scenario to avoid many components going out the internet. I mean, its better to have only 1 instance going out the internet than 10 or more.

Thanks a lot!

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