Checkpoint firewall and db connect

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i have checkpoint firewall logs on my splunk instance.
but now i want to create alerts for it.
i want it to alert when someone tries to connect to network components such as routers, switches, etc. from a non permitted segment.

now the problem is that there are components added to the fw all the time, and i need the list of components updated. so a list/lookup/xls is out of the question because its a one time thing. so i need a dynamic solution that will include the splunk being updated on the changes that happen on the fw.

i know about the db connect option, abut the Checkpoint firewall doesnt use sql db(of any kind) , and i saw that db connect requiers that. is my information wrong? is there another way of making db connect work in this matter with checkpoint firewall? or is there another solution for my problem other than db connect?

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