Changing saved search permissions via CLI


Hi Splunkers,

I would like to ask is it possible to change saved search permissions (private -> app) using a command via CLI ?

I know its much more convenient to use the web ui but in my case I can't access the gui. I also checked this post click here. I encountered an error

FAILED: 'HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found'
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <msg type="ERROR">Not Found</msg>

It's a bit outdated as it was asked 2012. I don't know if there have been changes on the command that they're using. Hope to hear from you guys.




Re: Changing saved search permissions via CLI


Hi crt89,

this still works like written by @Hexx.

Here is a little test I did:

First I created a small search and saved it as myFoo in the search app, it got permission private

alt text

Next I ran the following command from cli:

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk _internal call '/servicesNS/admin/search/saved/searches/myFoo/acl' -post:owner admin -post:sharing app

and changed permission to app by doing so

alt text

watch out for any possible typos in your command.

hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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