Certification: do i need to attend official Splunk courses ?

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Hello Team,

Are the official Splunk courses the only way to get certified ?
For example:

Paying 2000 USD for the course which is relatively simple (especially for somebody who is having experience in Splunk) is a bit too much.

Or maybe Splunk does support some partner organisations doing trainings and honour those courses also. For example:

They claim to:
"Once you have completed all course modules you will be able to clear Splunk Power User and Splunk Admin certification. !"

Please help to clarify.


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It depends. When you get to the higher certs, yes. 

One example: Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect requires 4 Splunk courses and previous Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin. 

But if you're starting out, you can obtain Splunk Core Certified Power User with no required prereqs, you can self study however you want and no official Splunk courses are required. Once you obtain Power User, you can proceed to take the exam for Splunk Certified Enterprise Admin without any Splunk courses, either.

The handbook already called out in this thread is the best resource I found that explains it all by cert, especially Appendix A.

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The recent updates to Splunk certification have made the trainings recommended as can be verified from the certification handbook provided by Splunk

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500$ ... for hobby, high cost.

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Hi all,
I've just got a reply from the cert team and, unfortunately, yes you have to attend a course firstly.

From: me
Sent: Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:38 AM
To: 'Splunk Certification Team'
Subject: Certification: do I need to attend official Splunk courses ?

Hello team !
... is it mandatory to attend an official course prior sitting an exam ?

Thanks in advance.

From: Splunk Certification Team

Sent: Thursday, 27 September 2018 4:39 AM
To: me
Subject: Certification: do I need to attend official Splunk courses ? [ ref:_00D409oyL._5000b1LYDQW:ref ]

Hello Alexey,

Yes - prerequisite coursework is required.

We believe this resolves this issue/answers your question. If so, there is no need to reply. If you still have questions or concerns, reply to this email (without editing the subject line) to reopen your case.

Best Regards,

Splunk Certification Team
Case Number: 1151284

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Thanks Xpac, so what would be your recommendation with limited budged ?

I have finished all the Splunk free trainings + did my Splunk user certification.
My aim is to go deep and have strong foundations (i also use Splunk at work + at home). Since Foundations2 course is expensive i am reading:

Exploring Splunk
By David Carasso, Splunk’s Chief Mind
+ safarii book:
Splunk 7 Essentials - Third Edition

(both books are still covering a lot of basics which are pretty easy for me)
What would you recommendation as the next steps ?


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Don't get me wrong - I didn't mean to say all courses on udemy are bad. I just wanted to make clear that they are in no way affiliated with Splunk, and if they claim that a course can help you pass a certain exam, it only means it covers it's contents, but it's not in any way officially recognized by Splunk.
I've enjoyed good courses on udemy (although I haven't had any on Splunk there) 😉

Getting experience is a really important part, you may also hang out here on Answers or on the Splunk Slack Usergroup, a lot can be learnt there. In addition, you could try asking the certification support, as mentioned above, if you can skip the required course for the Poweruser exam - it's worth a try, they can only say "no".

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Forgot about udemy, they're as unofficial as it gets. Literally anybody can offer a course there and claim anything. It's like YouTube, but with money 😉

Somewhere back in my head I remember something about being able to circumvent the course requirements with proven experience, but I'm absolutely not sure about this, and if it's possible, it's on a case-by-case base.

If I were you, I'd contact, because they're the only people who can make valid statements if this is possible.

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