Centrally controlled views (nav, UI) permissions. Why am I not able to change permissions on nav/default?


I must have totally messed up something , because i am not able to change the permission on nav/default.
This does not matter which app I am in.

If i create a new app, either by using the UI or creating it on CLI.

Lets say I have 4 roles defined :
a, b, c, d

And I want d to have full permissions to edit the menu / /nav/default.
By default (no matter what ) the default permissions "starts" / gets assigned full permissions to a+b and read-permissions to c and none to d.

If I am trying to change permissions on /nav/default to write for d, the UI lets me save the settings fine, however upon opening the permissions again after saving, it revels that the permissions did not, in fact, change at all.

The same goes if I try to delete (or change) all permissions associated with the app /metadata/local & default.meta. default & local.meta "accepts" my changes .. but they are not reflected or honored in the system and OR UI.

The permission looks fine on the filesystem, and since this happens to ALL new apps being applied and ALL NEW apps I create, either from UI or by CLI (incl. mkdir) sets the default permissions on /nav/default to something I am not able to change.

This makes me believe I might have messed up some config file controlling what ("default") permissions get set /assign to new views /dashboards etc etc ...

maybe some user-prefs thing ?

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I am able to change the sharing on "nav/default" from "private > app > global & vice versa" however not change role permissions ...

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