Can Splunk encryption and compression be completely disabled?

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We have a Pure FlashArray which can offload compression and encryption and do a much better job of data reduction overall if the Splunk compression and encryption features can be deactivated. Is this possible now? If not, can it be added please?

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You can configure both Splunk's web server and the Splunk daemon itself not to use SSL, if that's what you mean. I'm highly sceptical to your claims about that it would do a much better job though, and you will possibly run into certificate issues.

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I think he's talking about encryption and compression on disk as he is mentioning Pure Flash Array. By default, data is compressed but not encrypted. There used to be a parameter to disable encryption but it's now obsolete (see indexes.conf documentation )

compressRawdata = true|false
* This parameter is ignored. The splunkd process always compresses raw data.

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