By-pass proxy service for javascript sdk

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I tried to browse the same web page as And Getting the same error.

I am looking for a way to bypass /proxy service ( which is supposed to be run by node.js).

In the client's js code:

 var http = new splunkjs.ProxyHttp("/proxy");

         // Create a Service instance and log in 
         var service = new splunkjs.Service(http, {
             username: "admin",
             password: "admin",
             scheme: "https",
             host: "localhost",
            port: "8089"

I am looking for a way to create http object that does not rely on /proxy service to be run on my webserver. I could not find any way from the API documentation. Any help on how I can avoid creation of proxy service on my server and connect directly with splunk. I have a constraint of using a non-nodejs server. Does JS SDK allows that?

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So, by digging around in the splunkjs source, I found you can also do this:

var http = new splunkjs.JQueryHttp();

Sure wish it was documented though!


Thank you.. It worked for me.

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I figured out that the JS SDK for splunk creates a necessity of using /proxy service. Finally I did not use splunk SDK and worked out with basic Angular/JQuery.

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